Weekly Schedule

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Sunday - 2:00 PM EST 
Wednesday - 7:00 PM EST

Sunday - 11:00 PM EST
WSNR 620 - Call In Talk Show

Sunday School

The Sunday School Department ranges from, indoctrination, adult, young adult, and children.  These classes are designed for members who are not able to make it to any of the weekly schedule events. Topics discussed ranges from ministry, servant-hood just to name a few.


God's Elite Men meets the second Saturday of each month at 6 am for prayer, fellowship.  G.E.M deals with the man's role as a husband, leader and their role in ministry within the body of Christ.

Bible Study

Bible Study gives members to engage the teach and other members in questions, dialogue and receive answers to personal issues. There is a more in depth look into the Word of God and what the lord is communicating to the body of Christ.

Youth Department

The Youth Department meets every Friday at 8pm for a night of fun, games, rap sessions, open forums and talent expression.  Youth meetings provides young people with all the same activities the world offers, but in a Christ centered way.   Our young people know they can live a holy life and have fun.