Weekly Schedule

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Sunday - 2:00 PM EST 
Wednesday - 7:00 PM EST

Sunday - 11:00 PM EST
WSNR 620 - Call In Talk Show

Sounds of Deliverance

The Sounds of Deliverance Choir brings forth an anointed saved sound which ministers life, healing and deliverance. 

Praise & Worship

The objective of the Praise and Worship Team is to usher the people of GOD into His presence.  They introduce the body of Christ to new songs and different veins of Praise and Worship.

Youth Choir

This group of young people exercise their gift to make a joyful noise unto the Lord in their own way.

New Day Children Choir

The Youth Department meets every Friday at 8pm for a night of fun, games, rap sessions, open forums and talent expression.  Youth meetings provides young people with all the same activities the world offers, but in a Christ centered way.   Our young people know they can live a holy life and have fun.

New Generation & Garment of Praise

New Generation and Garment of Praise are group of children, teenagers and adults who minister unto the Lord in various expressions of dance. Dance routines vary from solo acts to groups, drills and flags.