Outreach Ministries

"I must work the work of him that sent me, while its is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." John 9:4


Sunday - 2:00 PM EST 
Wednesday - 7:00 PM EST

Sunday - 11:00 PM EST
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The role of the Deacon is to help run every aspect of the church and to help meet the needs of members.  Deacons are to help members in their spiritual development. Deacons are to help increase members awareness of what the Lord is doing with the body of Christ. Deacons also help auxiliaries as needed. 


The role of the Deaconess is to work with the women of the church by encouraging them in the things of God and in their family settings.  The  primary role of the Deaconess is to work with the young women of the church by teaching them how to be Godly women. 

Ark of Safety

The Ark of Safety provides hope, strength, encouragement and deliverance to individuals struggling with substance abuse and alcohol addictions.


The mentoring ministry focuses on reaching ‘GODS Anointed New Generation’.  This ministry travels to Newark’s Juvenile Detention Center every first and third Thursday of each month.  The mission is to impart life and hope in the lives of young men and women who do not know The LORD as well as those who have deviated from the faith.

God's Task Force

God's Task Force is comprised of vigilant men and women taking the message of the cross to the streets. 




New Calvary Baptist Church