Work while it's yet day, night come when no man will be able to work...

Sermons Notes!


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09.18.19 Isaiah 35
08.18.19 Jesus And The Report
08.11.19 Speaking Gods Mind, Not Your Own
08.04.19 I Know The Thoughts - There Is A Time It Will Manifest
07.28.19 I Know The Thoughts But You Must Say Them
07.21.19 Build Yourself Up
07.14.19 Special Breakthrough Serivce (no notes)  
07.07.19 Which Trump Are You Concern More With
06.30.19 There Has Been No Delay
06.23.19 The Holy Spirit Has Set It Up
06.16.19 Rememberance Regardless
06.09.19 The Turning Point & Vidoe Presentation
06.02.19 Teach Me To Add
05.26.19 Jehosaphat
05.19.19 Video by Dutch Sheets  
05.12.19 Despite Me
05.05.19 God Loves and Travails with the Racist and Prejudist
04.28.19 Tranfer of The Greatest Gift
04.21.19 The Vessels of Honor
04-17-19 He Has It Instore For You
04-07-19 Isaiah 62
03-31-19 Blessed
03-24-19 Your Choosen Position Will Bring The Promised Overflow
03-17-19 Revelation of Ruth
03-10-19 Expectations Despite Disappointment
03-03-19 Angels On Assignments
02-24-19 I Met Michael the Archangel (Sid Roth)  
02-10-19 In Need Of
02-04-19 The Necessity and Urgency of the Communion
01-27-19 The Will Of The Father To Build
01-20-19 There Was A War In Heaven
01-13-19 What's The Joke
01-06-19 Word for 2019 - Dr. Jerry Savelle  


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